Thank you for taking the time to read, KEYS TO VICTORY. To the members of VICTORY CHURCH, what a great honor it is that individuals like you are interested in finding out more about our congregation.

Victory Church is an independent Christian church, founded in September 2016, by a small group of believers in our Lord Jesus Christ. The month prior to this, in August, we were
only 6 individuals, praying in a living room, seeking the presence of our Lord God, with so much eagerness to learn more about His Word.

At that point, we could not imagine what the Lord had in mind for our future. We felt led to rent a conference room at a local hotel in Odessa, TX. Near 20 of us at that time decided to respond to the calling of our Lord, and VICTORY CHURCH was established, with our first official service being on September 25, 2016.

That day was such a happy day for many of us because some of our friends in the area came to show us support. They told us, “Go ahead brothers and sisters!” Many other friends from other states rejoiced with us, as well, because another Christian church was opening its doors to preach the Gospel and bless the community.

A wonderful friend, Pastor Mike Hanks, from Assemblies of God in Midland, TX, showed us so much kindness and generosity by letting us use a sound system for several months. We began our journey with just a few dollars, but with tons of hope and joy.

Together, we carried equipment every Sunday. We worked setting up the sound system and screens, and then we disassembled everything at the end of each service. The Children’s Church teachers also carried materials back and forth to a room next to the room where we worshiped the Lord. On some Sundays, however, the children’s class was taught at a table in the restaurant portion of the hotel. It was not easy in the beginning, as we struggled with issues.

For a moment it seemed more complicated than we thought, but we never gave up. By January 2017, our Lord God had already blessed us with the money to purchase our own sound system. It was a wonderful blessing. Storage was then needed, as well as transportation, for it. The Lord blessed us with “Noah”, our red trailer.

Our Bible Study was held each Tuesday evening, alternating homes. We met, ate, prayed together and hoped for a future for ourselves and for our rising church. Doing this was of great importance: to meet, put our things together, worship the Lord, pray, and listen to the pastor, all the while trusting in our Lord Jesus.

The months passed by and we continued meeting, serving the Lord, and seeing how the Lord was working in our lives, as well as through us, by touching other people’s lives.

In April 2017, there were 20-25 people attending our service on Sundays. The Lord guided us to do our “Jericho Drive”. For 7 weeks, we drove around Odessa, praying for blessings and revival, and declaring that our Lord would give us our land. On the 7th week, 7 vehicles drove around Odessa. Exactly 7 days later, the Lord blessed us! We experienced a great miracle. A property became available to serve the purposes of our church, and with it, the financial blessing to take the opportunity.

On May 10, 2017, the documents were signed to purchase our property: 5.7 acres of land, with a 4,000+ sq.ft. Victorian home, which offers enough rooms for a sanctuary for 50 people, children’s classrooms, offices, kitchen, study rooms, and a nice swimming pool.

We moved into our property with so much joy and expectation. There was so much work to be done to the house in order to accommodate the needs of our church. We spent countless hours of work to transform that house to become our home church.

We immediately started to host more activities, such as picnics, family functions, and inviting family and friends to come to visit us. We had events for kids, as well as for adults. Slowly we received new members, and by the fall of 2017, our attendance increased to nearly 30 people per Sunday.
By Thanksgiving 2017, we had already celebrated the first wedding in our church. It was a wonderful experience having a couple filming videos, and taking pictures of their wedding ceremony. Our congregation is beginning to create memories for our community, as well as hosting events that transform lives.

The Podcast on iTunes is doing very well. The live-streamed videos are especially doing fantastic, becoming more popular and well accepted by our online audience. The daily motivational videos, available on Facebook, and on our online Vimeo Channel, is another great tool that we have to minister to people. In addition, others receive inspiration via the daily blog on WordPress and Twitter. Moreover, lately we have experienced an increase with our online audience, where people are joining us for our Tuesday Night Bible Study LIVE.

We envision the future with so much optimism and trust in our Lord. With much enthusiasm, we are starting to prepare ourselves for the next step: Sanctuary 100. We have completed the first step, which was to expand the parking lot area. During the following weeks, we will prepare designs, as well as a budget, for a building that will hold 100+ people to worship our Lord Jesus. In Jeremiah 32.27, the Lord God Almighty says, “I am the Lord. I am the God of every person on the earth. You know that nothing is impossible for Me.”

Any suggestions that you may have, or any financial contributions to our church, will be well received and greatly appreciated.