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July, 2016

The beginnings

Pastor Gian and Tracy were hosting a Bible Study Group where a few people wanted to learn more about the Bible. After a couple of months of meeting in a home, we decided to start a new congregation. 
September 25, 2016

First worship service

Initially, we rented a conference room at the Hilton Hotel on JBS in Odessa.
Pastor Mike Hanks from Midland lent us a sound system. Using an old keyboard, and an old computer, we began this wonderful journey.
February, 2017

The journey begins

Our Lord God has blessed us in many ways since the beginning of our meetings. Donations came through miraculously, and after a few months, in February of 2017, we were able to purchase our new sound system, along with a trailer to transport the equipment. We assembled everything at 6:30am, and disassembled everything at 12pm, after our Worship Service. 
March, 2017

A vision

Pastor Gian received a vision from our Lord God about doing a prayer drive around Odessa. During 7 Saturdays in a row, we met and drove around Odessa for one hour, covering nearly 60 miles, while we prayed for blessings upon our city,  and for direction about which area we should focus on for a property. We prayed fervently in our cars, and united on a group telephone call, as we drove and believed for miracles. 

The growth

Miracles happened then, and still are happening. Our congregation began to grow spiritually. We did a retreat, we continued meeting on Tuesday nights in homes and on Sunday at the hotel, and on the seventh Saturday, like the Israelites around Jericho, the last Saturday we drove 7 vehicles, symbolizing the 7 laps, and then we closed this faith project. 
May 10, 2017

Victory Church, Odessa TX

Seven days later, the Lord God guided Pastor Gian to find a property ideal for a church. We met with the realtor and we gave them our offer, trusting in the Lord for His provision. 
Pastor Gian signed the contract for the purchase of our property. To the Glory of our Lord, that property is paid in full, and Victory Church Odessa operates with no debts, whatsoever. Miracles happen all the time in our church.

Live broadcast

Before the health crisis in 2019, we already had an online broadcast, and with the blessing of our Lord God, we have improved every platform to the point where we are now broadcasting 24/7 radio and video. 
Winter 2019

Roku TV Channel

Spring 2020


Winter 2020

Apple TV channel

Spring 2021

Fire Stick Amazon TV Channel

Summer 2021

Victory App for iPhone and Android

Fall 2021


Winter 2021

Publishing monthly on local Newspaper Odessa American

Summer 2022

Music Album Adore

Summer 2022

Online Counseling 1:1 with

Fall 2022

Weekly Satire Amathis Graphic & Video

Winter 2022


Spring 2023

Interpretation in Swahili, Chinese, Urdu, and Arabic

Fall 2023