Live with Gian

Live with Gian is our newest video series, here Gian will share great messages where you are going to be inspired, challenged and enlightened.

Our Pastor Gian shares 10mins video clips with inspiring messages for you to learn from and enjoy.

With great pleasure our pastor delivers "Live with Gian" short messages with key elements from the Bible for you to stay focused on the right path.

We are also working on more productions for you to keep enjoying great content with amazing value.

Our team is developing with the support of our pastor.

The idea is for more people to know about our great Lord Jesus Christ.

We are creating videos and working hard for you to enjoy great content with incredible value.

Pastor Gian is giving his best to ensure that you may connect with God at any time and have healthy content to listen and read to.

Our hope is that on our videos you will find great information that will motivate you and help you stay focused on the good path and all the good things life has to offer!

We also like to hear from you, let us know your comments at: